So winter is at our door and it’s time to get our gardens put to bed. With the last of the crops now coming out to make way for an early spring planting there is much to do. I hope you all are having a great time getting your own gardens in order, and let’s not forget the one’s who will have it the worst in this winter weather, that being the people on the street and the less fortunate. Please remember to donate some of your crops to the needy and lets not forget what this Christmas season is all about, Jesus Christs birth, so lets be kind to one another and redouble our efforts to help our brothers and sisters that don’t have some basic needs!

Cheers and God Bless all our friends and family, let us all have a great 2016!






Don’t miss our very first annual fundraiser, fine dining, lots of art to bid on, not to mention a vacation rental, garden design and so much more, plus two really great local entertainers; The Natasha Flynn Band and Pat Jones, as well as some world class wines and did I mention the food, just out of this world. The food alone is worth 100 a plate at any fundraiser. Please join us for a night to remember!




This is a handcrafted solid wood chair made by our friend Amos, and I’m thinking we should get another and auction a set? Amos was so kind to make and donate this for our fundraising auction this November, we are so appreciative because it’s this kind of action that just keep the whole giving thing moving forward! Thank you Amos very much!

chair2 chair1



I know we all need food grown naturally, and that is our goal, so we start at the bottom and work our way up. Families that are in a financial bind because of medical issues, people that have challenges that makes it hard to get to a store, along with people who are trying to make a better life like trying to get off the street, or out of situations that are not healthy is where we are focusing our energy right now, soon hopefully we will have our own land to grow on and will be able to serve the community as a whole? We are our brothers keeper! Cheers and God Bless us all! None of this is possible without the help from all the volunteers and today it was Quinn, Casey, Janet and Janette, you guys and gals ROCK!!

Donating To The Ronald McDonald House


We are so blessed by our Lord to be able to give food that we grow to the Ronald McDonald House here in NE Portland, it’s just the best feeling ever! Thank you Cynthia for making the connection and Lindsay Williams Sage the Assistant House and Volunteer Manager for welcoming us into this wonderful giving charity!
Cheers and God Bless

Goals Being Met and Blessing From Above!


Just to let everyone know, one of our hopes and dreams ever since we were given the opportunity to grow at the Albina Community Garden was to be able to supply families that have loved ones at the Ronald McDonald House fresh vegetables to cook with at no cost, and that has happened because of a mother who has a daughter that is undergoing some treatment, and one of the things her daughter is allowed to do is come into the garden and help with weeding and watering, and one of the benefits they are getting is access to the food we are growing to take back to the communal kitchen at the Ronald McDonald House. We have given Cynthia and her daughter Meaghan the green light to take whatever they need to share with the other families, and Cynthia says “all the veggies I take in get cooked up and eaten”! What a blessing it is to be of service to those who really need a little extra help!

Cheers to our good friends Meaghan and Cynthia for picking up the slack at our Albina garden site, and thank you both for taking our vegetables and sharing them with the families at the Ronald McDonald house! The door has been opened thanks to you both!
Cheers and God Bless

Cynthia and Meaghan


Onions, Cucumbers and Friends In The Garden


Things are really busy in our gardens, and with work schedules along with some logistic issues we have been struggling with getting things done. The need for volunteers is crucial at this point, so we hope that when we have the fundraiser this fall we can once again fill positions and sign up more people to help with the day to day operations of maintaining our sites. Making new friends with Green Table and networking more with the retired community, we hope to regain our position and be able to continue to feed the less fortunate food grown naturally! We are really grateful with our new partnership with Casey who is a fellow Horticulture student and friend who is working out at N.W.R.E.C. Farm site and has us hooked up with some super delicious naturally grown produce, yahoo for us! Here’s a few pics, we finally got the onions harvested at Hicks, the peppers aren’t doing to well as for a lack of attention, but no worries because Halsey is killing it in peppers, eggplant, sweet potatoes, kale, collards and tomatoes! Albina is doing well in tomatoes and peppers and greens, we cover cropped the Terry site and wont be growing on the Navajo site due to lack of man power. Our hope is to get Albina dialed in and put more commitment in the Hicks site. If you live in the Portland Oregon area and want to get involved and help out, please contact us through our website or Face Book page?