Just a little sneak preview of one of the items that will be up for bid at the fundraiser this fall, a $400.00 gift certificate for a beach rental from Beachhouse Vacation Rentals Inc. in Seaside Oregon, that will be good for a whole year! A Great Big THANK YOU! To Erin Barker and Family for providing such a wonderful gift, and for their continued support in our mission to provide healthy food to those in need!
Cheers and God Blessbeach.1



This week was our first real harvest to go to Rose Haven Women Shelter, Independent Living Resources and PACS. We were able to harvest Russian Kale, collards, lettuce, onions and our dried garlic for 108 lbs. A big thank you to Bretly for making sure that we harvested everything that was ready, and for delivering it to the people we support! Getting things dialed in has been an ongoing process and the only thing I know is that you can never be 100 percent sure when the food will be ready to harvest? Weather plays such a big roll in farming and gardening that all you can do is pray and hope it’s ready in the window of time you gave yourself? I do a lot of praying! Thank our good Lord he had us and everything went smoothly. There is no “I” in team and we couldn’t do it without the constant help from all our GVGC friends!

Cheers and God Bless, until next time!june29thharvest



Today I got to work with a couple of friends from another non profit called Growing Gardens, who are working to educate youngsters in school as well as offering garden and greenhouse classes to men and women that are incarcerated. We had a great time doing a tomato grafting video that will be used not only for Growing Gardens but Giving Vegetable Gardens Charity as well, to teach, make aware, and expand the horizons of those who want to learn! It was my pleasure to represent GVGC and be part of something that will better the lives of others!
Cheers and God Bless



Yesterday at the Albina farm site a couple of things happened that is either good or bad I guess? It was time to harvest the fava beans and that day fell on a friday, which means it’s too late to makes a delivery to a pantry or agency we support :(, by the time we had the favas harvested and that bed reworked for the peppers it was too late, but that’s good news for anyone in the tri-county area, that being Portland, Clackamas, and Washington Counties. A donation would be nice if you can give one to help keep our growing going, but if not that’s perfectly fine! Please if you are in the area and would like a pound or 2 you can email me or PM me through Facebook. These beans are so tasty and good for you so don’t miss out on this chance to eat favas if you have never had the chance? In the pan with some butter and garlic and they melt in your mouth!

Cheers, God Bless and Enjoy your weekend

Remember all of our produce is grown naturally with organic practices, nothing here but good for you food!


Kids Helping At Albina


It’s always nice when parents come to the gardens and bring the kids and we get to explain about vegetables, weeds, insects and how everything works together for a reason. Little Lucian and his mom Noelle came out yesterday to help weed bull thistle and do some weed suppression with jute coffee bags. The coffee bags work so well in keeping the thistle and other weeds at bay and over time break down as organic material and add to the soil. It was really heart warming to see little Lucian drag the bags and lay them out, what a good lil helper, and of course there was the hiding of shoes and covering up with bags and just some good ol garden fun. now is a good time to let the kids plant seeds and starts so they can watch them grow and fruit!

Working on the Albina Site


We have been so busy trying to get the Albina site ready for this new spring season, this will be our first season on this property and hope it will be a good one? We already have onions, blueberries, fava beans, and strawberries planted and have the herbs in the cold frame, so they will be ready soon. We will have a video coming out this summer on grafting tomatoes, we will be doing this video with Lettuce Grow Garden Foundation, so stay tuned for that! Here is some new pics of the Albina site, enjoy and remember to let us know if we can help with planting and soil advice!11114067_10204375601211580_8835197960855505948_n11152700_10204375601411585_3014343198322171110_n11156308_10204390099054017_8894506432938315524_n

Hicks Garden site is waking up, onions and strawberries!


Today we went to the Hicks garden site and planted 300 assorted onions and a berm of 25 strawberries, we still have so much more to plant at this one of a kind garden site donated by Sue Hicks. We hope to get a couple of the plots planted this season with good food that will be shared by so many! We are also looking into growing a crop that we could sell or could be had fore a minimum donation to help us with costs. We will keep you all updated on what crops we will have in abundance and welcome any suggestions?
Cheers and God Bless